All You Need to Know about Hiring an Offshore PHP Development Company

So, offshoring is becoming an extremely popular form of hiring experts. Offshoring started a few years ago when some companies realized that they could hire cheap labour for their back-end, mundane work. This also meant that they had someone to work on their operations when they were sleeping. This transpired because of the time difference between the companies offshoring work in the west to the companies receiving work in the east. This turned out to be a great proposition. It saved companies a lot of money for multiple reasons. They did not have to worry about recruiting an in-house resource. That meant that they did not need any infrastructure addition nor did they have to worry about paying fixed salary and other benefits to their employees. They could now pay for just the amount of work they needed.
Moreover, the cost of labour in some of the companies that were receiving work was comparatively low. This was again a great reason why cost savings happened. However, during that time in history, you would have not have been talking about hiring an offshore PHP development company. At that time, it was all about back-end work. Gradually, though, the offshore scene has turned around. Companies in the east quickly realized that this had some amazing potential. This could go beyond Business Process Outsourcing and convert into Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Hence, focus was laid on hiring highly skilled individuals and offering offshore jobs for skilled tasks. That is when companies in the west realized that they could even offshore some of their business-critical tasks to these companies.

Now, if you are now to the field of offshoring; you would find it difficult to select the right supplier for your work. If you are looking for a PHP development company in say, India; you will have multiple options. In that case, how do you select the right company? We can’t forget the fact that these companies are thousands of miles away from you. Hence, you need to be absolutely sure about the decision that you are making.

Here are a few things that you can consider:

1. Referral

When it comes to hiring an in-house resource, we love it when we have a referral. Doesn’t that make our lives easy? We know that someone we trust has worked with that individual and has been impressed by their skills. That is how it works in the offshoring field too. If you have friends who have offshored work to a particular company in India, that will help you gain more confidence in that company’s work. This will also let you see a live example of that company’s work. However, you need to be careful here. You need to make sure that your contact offshored the same kind of work as you. If you contact offshored website designing to a company and you need web app development, then you will need to know that these are two different fields and need different skillsets.

2. Online Reputation

So, with our worldly existence; our online existence has started to become important too. There has been recent news of companies looking up social media profiles of prospective candidates before hiring them. That’s how it works with hiring a PHP development company in a foreign country. You need to see how active that company is online. How good is their website? Do they write blogs that are useful to the industry? That proves that the company is an opinion leader in the field. There are similar things that you need to consider.

3. Interview

Finally, you also need to conduct an interview with the shortlisted companies. There are various tools available in the market now that can help you interview people and/or a team that’s miles away from you. You can use these tools to conduct video conferencing and be able to talk to people who will be handling the project.

All of these things can help you make a decision on how to hire the right resource.