All You Need to Know about Hiring an Offshore PHP Development Company

So, offshoring is becoming an extremely popular form of hiring experts. Offshoring started a few years ago when some companies realized that they could hire cheap labour for their back-end, mundane work. This also meant that they had someone to work on their operations when they were sleeping. This transpired because of the time difference between the companies offshoring work in the west to the companies receiving work in the east. This turned out to be a great proposition. It saved companies a lot of money for multiple reasons. They did not have to worry about recruiting an in-house resource. That meant that they did not need any infrastructure addition nor did they have to worry about paying fixed salary and other benefits to their employees. They could now pay for just the amount of work they needed. Moreover, the cost of labour in some of the companies that were receiving work was comparatively low. This was again a great reason why cost savings happened. However, during that time in history, you would have not have been talking about hiring an 
offshore PHP development company. At that time, it was all about back-end work. Gradually, though, the offshore scene has turned around. Companies in the east quickly realized that this had some amazing potential. This could go beyond Business Process Outsourcing and convert into Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Hence, focus was laid on hiring highly skilled individuals and offering offshore jobs for skilled tasks. That is when companies in the west realized that they could even offshore some of their business-critical tasks to these companies.

Now, if you are now to the field of offshoring; you would find it difficult to select the right supplier for your work. If you are looking for a PHP development company in say, India; you will have multiple options. In that case, how do you select the right company? We can’t forget the fact that these companies are thousands of miles away from you. Hence, you need to be absolutely sure about the decision that you are making.

Here are a few things that you can consider:

1. Referral

When it comes to hiring an in-house resource, we love it when we have a referral. Doesn’t that make our lives easy? We know that someone we trust has worked with that individual and has been impressed by their skills. That is how it works in the offshoring field too. If you have friends who have offshored work to a particular company in India, that will help you gain more confidence in that company’s work. This will also let you see a live example of that company’s work. However, you need to be careful here. You need to make sure that your contact offshored the same kind of work as you. If you contact offshored website designing to a company and you need web app development, then you will need to know that these are two different fields and need different skillsets.

2. Online Reputation

So, with our worldly existence; our online existence has started to become important too. There has been recent news of companies looking up social media profiles of prospective candidates before hiring them. That’s how it works with hiring a PHP development company in a foreign country. You need to see how active that company is online. How good is their website? Do they write blogs that are useful to the industry? That proves that the company is an opinion leader in the field. There are similar things that you need to consider.

3. Interview

Finally, you also need to conduct an interview with the shortlisted companies. There are various tools available in the market now that can help you interview people and/or a team that’s miles away from you. You can use these tools to conduct video conferencing and be able to talk to people who will be handling the project.

All of these things can help you make a decision on how to hire the right resource.



Top 9 Most Amazing Features of Laravel PHP Development Framework

Laravel is one of the highly used, open-source modern web application framework that designs for customized web app quickly and easily. There Developers prefer over to other frameworks because of the performance, features and scalability it provided in the PHP app development process. It follows the Model View Controller, which makes it more useful than PHP.

Here, I have given some valuable features of Laravel:

1. Modularity or Multi-app

Modularity is the degree to which the system components may be separated and recombined. In this framework, logic into different parts, which belongs together and can be use unanimously.

2. Authentication

Authentication is the most essential part of any web application and developers spent lots of time writing the authentication code. Authentication has become simpler with this update in the Laravel framework.

3. Application Logic

This feature of Laravel helps to implement application using controllers or directly into route declarations using syntax very like Sinatra framework. Laravel is designed with freedoms given to about the flexibility that they need to create everything from very small sites to large enterprise applications.

4. Unit-Testing

It is another important part of Laravel framework. It runs many tests to new changes and still runs smoothly. Laravel has some most stable releases in the industry as it is cautious of the known issues. Moreover, it is easy for the developer to write unit-tests in their code.

5. Caching

Caching is a temporary data storage which is used to store data for some time and can be retrieved quickly. It is reducing the times we need to access databases or other remote services. It is an excellent feature which keeps any application fast and responsive.

6. Method or Dependency Injection

In Laravel Inversion of control is a powerful feature for managing class dependencies. Dependency injection is a technique for removing hard-codded class dependencies. It is also highly use features of the laravel.

7. Routing

With Laravel, it is very easy for an approach to routing. The route can be effectively triggered in the application with great flexibility and control to match the URL.

8. Automatic Pagination

Simplifies the task of implementing pagination and replacing the general implementation approaches with automated methods integrated using Laravel.

9. Multiple file system

Laravel provides the great support for multi file system. It uses many third party package which offers multiple file support. It is possible to use local or cloud-based storage to provide simple configuration.

However, it is true that Laravel is relatively newer than most of the other development frameworks but it’s the simplicity and effectiveness of the framework which makes Laravel one of the top-notch PHP framework in today’s time. Also, the Laravel videos, Laracasts make it easier for the PHP developers inspire them to learn this framework. The functionality and the simplicity of the development make it speedy, safe and secure.


It ultimately helps PHP web developer to create speed optimized websites based on the conversion-focused design which results in higher leads and return on the investment. So, if you want to create an optimized website based on PHP, you can select most efficient PHP web development company to create highly efficient websites.


What is REST API? Four Benefits of Using REST API for The Shopping Cart Development

benefits of rest api for the shopping cart development
It’s no more a secret that mobile web use is increasing steadily. Over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and that number isn’t slowing down. Last year Google said that there were more Google searches taking place on smartphone devices than on desktops in many countries. They are the most likely scenario that in the coming years, mobile web traffic will certainly more than desktop usage.

As mobile web use becomes, increasingly popular it places an additional demand on developers and WordPress users to design responsive sites. However, the big change of mobile shift can be observed with the WP REST API, which lets developers build mobile apps using WordPress. One day, WordPress will be able to secure mobile apps together like a platform.

So, let’s know more about the WP REST API, and how it benefits of using WP REST API for the WordPress.

What is the WordPress REST API?

The definition of the REST API is a way to get or set data. In the context of WordPress, this means that you could do like getting the list of posts on your site or create a new post. As the REST API matures, and more plugins and extensions are created future looks bright for this combination.

Benefits of using WP REST API for the WordPress Development:

  • The WP REST API permit to use WordPress as a backend tool for an app. It looks very simple, but very tough. It creates an end numbers of wonderful opportunities for the developers.
  • The WordPress REST API creates the fast and effective way for the app to retrieve content, without requiring for the client to update their content in several places. Instead, WordPress act as a site and also backend for the particular app.
  • With the help of WP REST API, it is possible to make an app for the client. The app can easily pull the information and images for all kinds of upcoming events and offer wonderful functionality for online booking so the client would have quickly post information about upcoming shows and have all that information published to both WordPress and it’s native app.
  • The biggest benefit of this kind of API is the ease of management. This approach allows the website owners to manage the content for any types of native app and their WordPress site without requiring to manage to create a costly custom API.
  • Thus, WordPress REST API is certainly great new development in the history of the WordPress, where WordPress is now not limited to technology outside of the CMS. It not just means of creating new and most innovative methods for managing content but also increased speed and flexibility of the WordPress developers.
  • That, why today many developers are being encouraged to learn JavaScript as it also plays crucial role along with WP REST API. Moreover, there is a likely scenario for many PHP development company to use their expertise to take advantage of the exciting features of the REST API for developing online ecommerce Store.


Expand Business With The Expert Help Of PHP Development Company

expand business with the expert help of php development companyBusinesses are not restricted to physical stores and their branches anymore. Almost everyone is moving online to promote their service, brand or product. With advancement in technology the features and capabilities of online platforms have also progressed making it important for those with an online presence to keep updating themselves. Among the most widely used languages for upgrading websites is the PHP^ development. The frameworks that already exist work well with PH development languages to create complex apps and sites in a short time frame.

There are many Advantages to using PHP Development and some of them are:

  • Code modification is easy to achieve, its functionality makes it very usable
  • Easy to debug
  • The Application development is quicker
  • Lightweight application development
  • Online help is available easily, there are communities and forums for assistance
  • The application development is standardized
  • Codes are very compatible with other programs

There many options in PHP frameworks that are currently available and it will take the expertise of a PHP development company to make the best out of these options. An experienced agency or PHP developer can easily develop PHP applications on every type of application as PHP as a language is user friendly and flexible.

The top 4 PHP frameworks that are most used currently are:

1. Smarty PHP

This is also known as Smarty Template Engine and this is easily used for small as well as large applications. It has the support of hundreds of template syntax enhancements and application development has the backing of PHP stream support. Smarty PHP is cleverly able to separate the application logic layer from the application presentation layer.

2. Cake PHP

This version allows applications to develop fast and its main feature is that developers or a PHP development company need not install the whole package in its entirety. The database needs to be installed and the developing can be worked out around this. This is the best application for beginners to practise on and unlike other frameworks Cake PHP requires less effort to be put into the coding.

3. Zend

Here the framework is made up of individual components that look after the common factors in PHP development. Zend is among the widely used PHP frameworks as it is able to build applications much faster than any traditional coding method.  The Zend cluster manager and Zend server offer 24*7 technical supports and for those looking to develop technically complex and high end web sites and applications prefer to use Zend.

4. Symphony

This has a full stack framework and takes the best of PHP coding to allow applications to be made technically perfect and complex. Symphony offers its users access to a library where plenty of PHP codes are available and these can be used as references are while developing an application.

When one outsources to a PHP development company there will be professionals available who can easily work on any of these versions to create an app or a site that is as per the client’s requirement. There are many options available online when one needs to hire the services of a PHP development company or one could even ask for recommendations from those who have used an outside agency. These agencies have trained, experienced and certified staff that are more than capable of handling all kinds of coding and upgrade options. A PHP development company will offer competitive rates in exchange for their expertise and there are options for long term contracts as well which will include maintenance of the app or site as well. A professional PHP development company will also show samples of their work and a check on their past projects is a good way to estimate their capabilities.


Top 9 Reasons Behind The Popularity of PHP Web Development

top 9 reasons behind the popularity of php web development
In the recent time, web development has become more than a necessity for any company. Thanks to the significant growth of the eCommerce^ world today, just about every firm wanted to build their website. To create wonderful and highly attractive website their many different languages and framework are available all over the world.

However, in the recent time PHP web development becoming a popular choice. In this article, I have given some primary reasons behind the PHP.

1. Open Source

The biggest reason for the popularity of PHP is that it is freely available all over the world. Moreover, it is very easy to get the support as there are many expert technicians that ready to assist regarding any technical difficulties.

2. Faster development

Compare with other language development using PHP is very and efficient. So, it is certainly the best suitable solutions for those enterprises that desire to launch their website in the short span of time.

3. Supports All Major Databases

This open source solution supports all major databases including MySQL, dBase, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, SQLite, etc. Thus, it can easily use as a front-end tool for storing information in any DBMS system.

4. Secure

In the cyber world, today security has become the most significant aspect. On the internet, there are many wonderful development tools are available to you, but they may not be totally secure. However, PHP is certainly the best framework that anyone can rely on to build dynamic applications.

5. Platform independent framework

The web development using PHP is easily run on various OS like Linux, Unix, Mac os, and windows. This easily reduces the cost of the development as enterprises not require for building varieties of applications for each platform.

6. Proven and Trusted

PHP web development used for the development for more than two decades now and over these years, it gains so much trust by thousands of websites and developers, and this figure is increasing day by day. It has also proven its ability by developing and maintaining some known websites available online.

7. User-friendly

It is easy to change the UI using PHP web development framework. Additionally, any website owners get plenty of engaging design options which are also very user-friendly. That’s why the selection process for the web design becomes far quicker for any website owner.

8. Easy to update and modified

The modification process for an already developed web application is lot easier for all the website owners that have chosen PHP for the web development. The fact that PHP also supports extensions like Joomla, Magento, and Zen Cart which make it PHP an ideal tool to develop eCommerce stores.

9. Talent available for the development

Today, there are many reputed and experienced web development company that uses PHP to develop wide ranges of applications per the business requirements of clients. Moreover, web applications development cost is certainly very less compare to other web development platforms.

Thus, there is no wonder that PHP framework one of the primary choices for many website owners and the total share of development using PHP has increased in the important space especially in the last five years’ time.